Sunday, December 20, 2009

Harry Reid: You're an Utter Disgrace.

When Barack Obama became president, we knew times would be bad. But did any of us really anticipate how bad? After all, who really thought through the consequences of an utterly unchecked far left socialist president? Did any of us really anticipate a filibuster proof Senate, or a one-sided government controlled at every level by an energized hard-left Democrat party that has effectively forced out of its ranks all voices of moderation?

Well these last 12 months have been eye-opening to say the least; perhaps shocking is a better word. For far too long, God-fearing, America-loving middle America remained passive and allowed ourselves to be steamrolled. The cost of our silence is now nothing short of the possibility of waking up in a completely transformed America, an America where dreams are no longer possible; where opportunity no longer abounds and allows any one of us, through hard work and ingenuity, to be widely successful in our own unique ways. No longer will America serve as that "shining beacon on a hill."

On this, the brink of a government takeover of our nation's health care system -- 1/6th of our total economy -- is a call to arms (figuratively, not literally). Now is the time to stand up and fight harder than we ever have fought before. We must refuse to be silent, and we must take back our country NOW, before it's too late.

Target number one: Harry Reid. Senator Reid is a complete and utter disgrace to his constituents in Nevada and to the entire United States of America. He has shown contempt for a majority of Americans and his own constituents, calling opponents to his health care bill no different than advocates of slavery. He refused to meet with his constituents in Washington to hear their concerns about the bill he has forced through the Senate chamber, unbelievably saying he could "smell the tourists" who had come to voice their opposition to government run care. If he had his way, he would have cut and run in Iraq, surrendering that nation to the terrorists and leaving thousands of our military men and women who had already given their lives to have died in vein. It's time that every single one of us that love our country do what we can immediately to ensure this travesty of a man is no longer in a position to make any decisions that impact this country. HARRY REID HAS GOT TO GO.

Watch this video, and then TAKE ACTION NOW!

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