Monday, December 21, 2009

Jim Webb and Mark Warner: You Sold Virginia Short!

Jim Webb and Mark Warner, how dare you support health care reform, and have nothing to show for it. Perhaps you need a reminder that you were elected as fiscally responsible, moderate Democrats. You were not elected to do Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's bidding. You chose to ignore the overwhelming opinion of every day Virginians who are opposed to government bureaucrats coming between them and their health care. You ignored demands that the government not take over 1/6th of our nation's economy, increase the already incomprehensible size of the nation's crippling deficit, or impose more big intrusive government that invariably will diminish individual liberties and result in increased and job killing taxes on American citizens and employers.

Adding insult to injury, you also did it all without so much as a fight. You did not secure any special advantages for Virginians as, say, Mary Landrieu did for Louisiana or Ben Nelson did for Nebraska. Nope, you were blinded by the thought of more power in the hands of bureucrats like yourselves, convinced that by making more people dependent on big government programs that you promote, you will help ensure your lifelong employment by the citizens of Virginia.

Well, you didn't listen to our voices, so now you will listen to our votes. It's time to brush up your resumes and hope and pray that there are actually alternative jobs for you in 2012 and 2014. Virginians across the Commonwealth are coming together to make sure that you never have an opportunity to do what you did in the dead of night this morning, voting to shut down debate on legislation that has not even been available to Americans to read, let alone for members of the Senate to read and appreciate its full impact. Your days in office cannot end soon enough.

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